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An article by Tara Diel published on BeWellWorld.com

Welcome to Holistic Solutions Physical Therapy, LLC.

My goal is to use Manual Physical Therapy to help individuals reduce pain, improve function and increase enjoyment of everyday activities by getting to the root of the problem and treating the whole person.

In my practice, I utilize many techniques to address the whole person and work towards optimal functioning, all under the broad term of manual physical therapy. There are many different labels that can be used to describe manual physical therapy, including Osteopathic-based Therapy or Cranial Sacral Therapy. I utilize many different techniques that are integrated into a global treatment. These include:

Osteo-articular adjustments, which are gentle but precise impulses aimed to reduce the strain where two joints connect;

Cranial-sacral treatment, which works to restore the motility (or tiny inherent movements) present in the cranium as well as in all tissues/systems in the body - Problems with cranial mobility can lead to migraines, fatigue, lethargy, eye pain, along with other implications elsewhre in the body;

Visceral normalization, which is directed to ensure each organ has adequate position and space to perform its functions and works to restore vascular and nervous input to the areas - If your organs are out of alignment it can lead to tension in the abdomen or chest, changes in posture, impaired bowel/bladder function, gynecological problems, heart burn, etc.;

Fascial release, which is aimed at improving the tension present in the tissues of the body to keep it functioning properly as a whole system - When there is increased tension in one area from an injury, it can impact the rest of the body through tissue tension pulling on other areas. It is important to relieve this tension to decrease this impact.